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Spanish Courses

Spanish Courses

Learn more Spanish and learn more about Spain

The Spanish as a Foreign Language courses being run by Idiomes Taialà are intended to develop the Spanish grammatical skills of students based on key content within Spanish culture.

Each course comprises 40 hours of Spanish teaching, 20 on the specific grammar course selected and 20 dedicated to Spanish culture through cultural visits. The Spanish courses focusing on the discussion and comprehension of written and oral texts which serve as the basis for studying different grammatical aspects of the Spanish language.

Each day in the classroom is supplemented by an outing connected with the issue dealt with in class, in the company of a specialist guide and the teacher.

The visits vary depending on the time of year and the needs of the group, with priority given to a cultural approach by means of everyday and individual events considered to be particularly suited in terms of adapting the course to the group.

LinguaLinguae offers a range of levels for students to improve their Spanish. The focus at each level will be on a series of grammatical aspects reflecting the most significant and challenging features of the Spanish language tied to each course.

The courses are delivered by tutors with specific training in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners, and with extensive experience at different educational institutions. They all hold degrees in Spanish Language and the Master's in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language awarded by the University of Girona, with the backing of the Cervantes Institute.

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